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Portfolio Analyzer


Analyze Your Portfolio Performance

Upload your Lending Club loan portfolio and get an in-depth analysis of your aggregate and per-loan performance. See how you are doing and what steps you can take to make it better.

  • Estimate Future ROI
  • Recommendations on Loans To Consider Selling
  • Quickly Identify Loans Falling Behind
  • Visualize Portfolio Diversification Across Credit Grade, Interest Rate, Location, more

Search For Investment Ideas

Our complete historical database of loans and comprehensive search functionality will help sophisticated investors to better understand the Lending Club loan pool.

  • 35,000+ Loans going back to June 2007
  • Search on 25+ different attributes including Date, Status, Credit Grade, State, Credit Lines, Inquires, Income, etc..

Latest Blog Posts

Portfolio Analyzer Updates

If you are like me and follow more than one strategy for picking loans, it really helps to categorize your loans on Lending Club into named portfolios. The biggest advantage being that Lending Club will independently report how each portfolio is performing. If you aren't familiar with this feature, look carefully at the page displayed after placing an order for a loan.

Loan Recommendations Newsletter

I am happy to announce that the Smart Peer Lending Loan Recommendations Newsletter is now available. Each morning our loan recommendations engine scans the new loans open for new investment on Lending Club and passes them through our proprietary selection criteria. Loans that pass are emailed out to subscribers in a format that makes investing simple and fast.

Lending Club Loan Recommendations

After a significant amount of research, development and testing, results of the default prediction algorithm are now publicly available in the form of Lending Club loan recommendations. This post will discuss how the recommendations are constructed and how I use them to keep my portfolio fully invested with the best loans available. Visiting the Tools page on this site () you will see a new box labeled "Loan Recommendations" and two links.